August 14, 2014

A Black Eye On The Search Marketing Industry: Some Search Agencies Boost Titles Over Experience

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I can not imagine that at this point in the history of search marketing agencies existing, that there are small to medium sized business owners out there who have not been plagued with phone calls from salesmen trying to sell them SEO services.

In fact, I would be hard pressed to believe that most businesses have not tried some sort of SEO package out by now.

Most likely, they have been burned by colorful promises of first page Google rankings, only to find themselves shoveling out thousands of dollars after six months of work and having very little to show for it.

"Yesteryears" big scheme was the promise of first page rankings in next to no time.

Today however, things are a bit different.

Since success in organic search is no longer directly associated with rankings, smaller companies that have jumped on the bandwagon of search marketing are now giving their employees authoritative titles to compensate for a lack of experience and proven track record of success.

Take this example I found when perusing through the popular job search site Indeed.

This particular search agency is looking for a VP of Search Marketing.

Great, fair enough.

However, isn't it odd that the expectations for a "Vice President" are attached to only five years of experience???

According to a 2014 article released by Forbes, the average age of a vice president is 43-years-old and has 15 years of experience within a particular field before being qualified to take on such a large role.

Even more concerning is that this company feels the need to specifically request that all candidates are "Self-Motivated" and understand how to use Microsoft Office Suite...

Really? Does this need to be said when looking for a VP?

There are other examples where agencies call their employees "managers" when they are actually kids right out of college.

And honestly, it's not like the business owner sitting on the other side of the monthly report meeting doesn't get this. There is a VERY noticeable difference in behavior, confidence, response and performance when you're dealing with someone who has one to two years of experience opposed to six to eight. Even more so when you're dealing with a six year director and a six year vice president.

In fact, since I have the same qualifications as the job posting, I think I'll call myself a VP from now on.

Vice President Jason Corrigan. Has a nice ring, don't you agree? :)

What Does It Mean?

At the end of the day, it means nothing to me.

My proven record of success and my six plus years of experience working with Fortune 1000 brands will always beat out these chumps in sales meetings.

My team of experienced, qualified search strategists, developers and content writers will always offer clients optimal success based on our experiences working with intuitive consumer behavior alliance models, which allows us to precisely understand what any vertical's target audience demands from their online experience and what forms of content solicit the highest levels of conversions.

To the small business owner who is left wondering what's really going on?

Give me a call if you have any questions at 631-438-6702. 

More than happy to help you vet any search agency and I'll do it for free!

August 10, 2014

Before You Continue Blogging, Make Sure Your Site Is Built For Search Efficiency

Technical Site Analysis | Jason Corrigan SEO
With all the buzz around blogging and building a dynamic, interactive online experience for your users, most businesses forget to address the technical components that allow search crawlers to easily navigate through their site. 

Even worse is that most small to medium sized search marketing agencies aren't even aware or equipped with the education and the resources to address issues like outdated XML Sitemaps or poor PageSpeed. 

Before your blog can really bring you success, you need to make sure that your website's technical integrity is in tact so that when search crawlers go to look for that new "top 10" list you published, they can actually find it. 

For information on what specific aspects of your site allow for greater crawlability, check out my latest article on SEMRush

July 29, 2014

Organic Search Is Not Something You Pick Up From A Blog

Building Quality Backlinks | Jason Corrigan SEO
I recently contributed to Advanced Web Ranking where I discussed the latest trend in young search strategists sipping the kool-aid about user experience trumping optimization tactics such as word count and quality backlinks.

As I have made mentioned many times before, there are a number of irrational concepts that are regurgitated relentlessly despite the fact that they are largely based on pure word-of-mouth gossip instead of testing.

From the idea that the World Wide Web has no place for public contribution of thought and experience to buying into anyone who says that they know Google's entire algorithm, it's important that those who are in a position of experience speak openly about the intricacies of organic search.

To read the entire article, check out Reality Check: Organic Search is Not As Easy As Reading A Blog.

Let me know what YOU think!!!

December 23, 2013

Google Is Aware Of SEOs Bribing Bloggers...Listen Before Reacting

SEOs Bribing Bloggers | Jason Corrigan SEO
Google's head of search spam Matt Cutts sent out a Tweet last Friday, saying that he and his team are aware of a practice that sees SEOs building links through gift exchanges.

Like any other situation where the walking, talking search marketing Messiah sends out a Tweet; thousands of SEOs immediately jumped across the blogosphere to let the world know....nothing.

Just as many inexperienced SEOs went running rampant over the idea that Infographics were no longer valuable back in 2010 or that Google+ does not have a direct impact on search listings, we find ourselves in one more situation where too many people are reacting and not listening.

The concept in question sees search marketers reaching out to bloggers and/or webmasters, usually through an e-mail exchange, asking if they will create content around specific concepts in exchange for some form of goods. 

December 1, 2013

Think Global and Grow Your Business Through Video Content

Grow Globally Through Video Content | Jason Corrigan SEO
For businesses that are interested in expanding their reach globally and embedding their brand in emerging markets like Asia and India; consider investing in online video campaigns.

Developing rich video content that is hosted on relevant platforms like YouTube and Tudou creates new opportunities to connect with and influence consumers in environments that foster engagement and action.

Unlike other face-to-face forms of advertising, video allows you to successfully move consumers further down the conversion funnel by stimulating their senses in ways that provoke a particular emotional response.

Figure out how you can connect with 70% of YouTube's 1 billion monthly visitors that live outside of the United States by reading my complete article:

"Grow Your Business Globally & Connect With New Consumers With Video Content"

November 18, 2013

Advanced Web Ranking: With So Many "Experts" In SEO, How Do You Know Who Is Who?

SEO Experts | Jason Corrigan SEO
One common issue that continues to run rampant throughout the search marketing world is the loose application of "expert," as it applies to individuals who work within SEO and digital marketing. 

Search marketing is a multi-faceted, complex concept that involves a plethora of processes that range from organic onsite optimization and content development to paid advertising and e-mail marketing. 

Regardless of how in-depth and involved search marketing is, there tends to be this idea that recent college graduates who have one or two years worth of professional experience are able to be viewed and treated as "experts." 

Considering that medical doctors dedicate eight to twelve years to studying medicine before they make the claim of "practicing" it, it seems extremely bold to make such high-end claims that speak directly to one's experience, their level of understanding and their ability to execute. 

I recently published an article for Advanced Web Ranking that dives into this idea and discusses various ways that business and brands can correctly identify and work with true digital marketing experts. 

Please check it out and let me know what your thoughts are on the subject!

November 10, 2013

Search Engine People: Understanding Hummingbird and How Brands Continue To Connect With Online Consumers

Google Hummingbird | Search Marketing News | Jason Corrigan SEO
I recently had the opportunity to contribute to Search Engine People's SEM journal, where I discussed how brands can continue to connect with online consumers in a post-Hummingbird world.

Find out how you can adapt your content development efforts and align your mobile campaign with Google's new algorithm by reading the entire article here.

-Jason Corrigan